Insulator Course

The profession of an insulation installer plays a crucial role in ensuring effective insulation for various objects. Applying specialized materials and techniques to create a protective layer, preventing heat loss, and ensuring thermal stability. Insulation installers can work in various industries where efficient insulation of objects is required.

Industries frequently requiring the services and skills of insulation installers:

Infrastructure Construction: Insulating pipelines, sewer systems, and other engineering communications.
Residential and Commercial Buildings: Installing insulation in structures to maintain temperature regimes in exhaust ventilation systems and improve energy efficiency.

Oil and Gas Industry: Insulating pipes, equipment, and tanks to prevent heat loss and ensure safety.
Chemical Industry: Using insulation for temperature control in various processes and equipment.

Thermal Power Plants: Insulating pipelines, boilers, and other equipment to optimize thermal processes.
Renewable Energy: Using insulation to optimize the operation of systems such as solar collectors and wind installations.

Maritime Industry: Applying insulation on pipelines, tanks, and other parts of ships.

Course options

6 calendar days
48 hours
Experience of more than 2 years

• Health and Safety Measures
• Communication for Effective Work Organization
• Principles of Insulation Preparation and Compliance with Standards
• Technical Skills in Using Specialized Paint Application Equipment to Achieve Desired Effects
• Material Selection and Surface Types and Tasks
• Quality of Work (Familiarity with relevant standards and regulations in insulation)

1 calendar day

CRAFT Professional Skills Assessment with Qualification Level Assignment.
A one-day theoretical and practical test.

Professional Training Program in Corrosion Protection, Thermal Insulation, and Passive Fire Protection
This training program is designed to enhance the professional skills of individuals in the fields of corrosion protection, thermal insulation, and passive fire protection. It is tailored for both managers and specialists responsible for the execution, monitoring, and improvement of production processes, as well as the development of effective and durable coatings.

Training Format: Offline

The training comprises 30% theoretical sessions and 70% practical sessions.


Personnel certification is intended for employees in technological departments and technical control units (inspectors) responsible for coatings, as well as managers and specialists in production workshops. It also includes personnel involved in applying protective coatings on industrial facilities and work areas.
Successful examination candidates receive a qualification upgrade certificate or a qualification certificate with a QR code-embedded certificate.
Individuals aged 18 and above, holding secondary vocational and/or higher education, are eligible to enroll in additional professional programs.

The training is conducted in Kazakh and Russian languages.

Training Venue: Atyrau city, 34 North Industrial Zone Street, LLP “CIP,” and at the customer’s premises.