Coatings Supervisor

Coatings Supervisor Course

The profession of a coatings supervisor involves overseeing and controlling the process of applying various coatings to different surfaces. Coatings supervisors are responsible for conducting, monitoring, and improving painting processes, as well as ensuring the formation of efficient and durable coatings on construction sites, metal structures, ships, vehicles, and other surfaces.

Course options

2 calendar days
16 hours
Experience of more than 2 years

• Safety and Compliance with Standards
• Supervisor Responsibilities
• Basics of Corrosion
• Fundamentals and Types of Coatings
• Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
• Quality of Work (Ensuring a high standard of work quality in line with customer requirements and industrial standards)

1 calendar day

CRAFT Professional Skills Assessment with Qualification Level Assignment.
A one-day theoretical and practical test.

Professional Training Program in Corrosion Protection, Thermal Insulation, and Passive Fire Protection
This training program is designed to enhance the professional skills of individuals in the fields of corrosion protection, thermal insulation, and passive fire protection. It is tailored for both managers and specialists responsible for the execution, monitoring, and improvement of production processes, as well as the development of effective and durable coatings.

Training Format: Offline

The training comprises 30% theoretical sessions and 70% practical sessions.


Personnel certification is intended for employees in technological departments and technical control units (inspectors) responsible for coatings, as well as managers and specialists in production workshops. It also includes personnel involved in applying protective coatings on industrial facilities and work areas.
Successful examination candidates receive a qualification upgrade certificate or a qualification certificate with a QR code-embedded certificate.
Individuals aged 18 and above, holding secondary vocational and/or higher education, are eligible to enroll in additional professional programs.

The training is conducted in Kazakh and Russian languages.

Training Venue: Atyrau city, 34 North Industrial Zone Street, LLP “CIP,” and at the customer’s premises.