Preparation of the RK (as-built documentation)

Preparation of the RK (as-built documentation)

Executive documentation in construction comprises a set of documents reflecting the conditions and process of construction, installation, repair, and other works. The documentation also includes information on the technical condition of the object at the beginning and completion stages of work, in accordance with project documentation. Additionally, executive documentation contains data on the compliance of the actual work with the approved project, including changes and approvals. These documents are submitted to supervisory authorities for verification against standards and norms.

Course Program (6 calendar days) – 48 hours includes:

• Introduction to the specialty
• Basics of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
• Legislative and regulatory legal support for construction
• Terms and definitions used in the preparation of executive documentation
• Document preparation: compiling documentation and formatting necessary executive documents in accordance with established standards and requirements.
• Quality control: Ensuring the high quality of prepared documents, checking for compliance with standards and requirements.

Training process

Our curriculum covers key aspects of working in the oil and gas, as well as petrochemical industries, taking into account both local and international standards. We have developed specialized courses for each specialty, emphasizing safety.

We actively incorporate best practices and innovations into our educational process to prepare our graduates for high industry standards. Our goal is not only to meet current requirements but also to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in the oil and gas and petrochemical sectors.

We strive to ensure that our training programs are up-to-date, innovative, and align with the highest industry standards:

Learning Format: Offline
Issued Document: Certificate of Professional Retraining
Duration: 48 hours
Educational Level: Based on higher or vocational education
Target Audience: Graduates and those looking to transition into the field

Note: Training program presented on the website are for informational purposes and may differ from those provided to you during the training period.