Training and Certification of Occupational Safety and Safety Engineering Specialists (OSH/SEE)

Training and Certification of Occupational Safety and Safety Engineering Specialists (OSH/SEE)

Occupational safety is a system aimed at ensuring the health and safety of employees during work activities. It encompasses normative, legal, socio-economic, organizational-technical, sanitary-hygienic, therapeutic-preventive, rehabilitative, and other measures and means.

Safety engineering is a type of activity (a system of organizational and technical measures, protective means, and methods) aimed at ensuring safety in any human activity, including work activities.
The definitions are established by GOST 12.0.002-2003 “Occupational Safety Standards System. Terms and Definitions.”

Successful completion of quality training not only results in increased labor productivity and reduced workplace injuries.

The rights and responsibilities of employers in the field of occupational safety and safety engineering (OSH/SEE) are defined by Article 182 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Training Courses in Occupational Safety and Safety Engineering

• Annual training and knowledge assessment courses on OSH/SEE for workers and specialists.
• OSH/SEE courses for engineers and managers.
• Course on labor legislation and regulatory framework in the field of OSH/SEE.

Educational Program:
• Training of PDAC members on occupational safety

Training on Investigation of Incidents and Accidents in Production

The aim of the training is to provide the basics of conducting investigations in the enterprise. In this course, you can acquire practical skills necessary for investigating incidents and accidents in production.
Course Overview
• Procedure for investigating an accident in production. Industry-specific and other features of the investigation. Materials for investigating an accident.
• Reporting an accident in production.
• Which accidents require special investigation.
• Which cases are subject to investigation of accidents in production in RK.
• Deadline for investigating an accident in RK.
Conclusions: You will receive precise instructions, an algorithm for coordinated actions, and documentation in situations where an accident has occurred at the enterprise or organization!

Advantages of Training with Us

• Tailored training organization, with the possibility of adjusting the program based on the participant’s skill level.
• On-Site Seminars for Corporate Clients: Organization of off-site seminars for corporate clients.
• Optimal Course Selection: Selection of optimal courses, considering the specificity of your organization.
• Expert-Led Occupational Safety Training: Training and knowledge assessment in occupational safety conducted by leading specialists and experienced teacher-consultants.
• Wide Range of Programs: Extensive program selection in the field of occupational safety.
• Small Group Training: Instruction in small groups, ensuring maximum interaction between the teacher and participants.
• Consultations on Training Directions.
• Practical Focus in Lecture Material: Lecture material containing practically important information, and all training programs, including occupational safety courses, are geared towards achieving practical goals.

Category: Safety and Occupational Health
Issued Documents: Protocol, Certificate, ID Card
Document Validity Period: From 1 to 3 years