Fire Safety Training, Fire-Technical Minimum (FS/FTM)

Fire Safety Training, Fire-Technical Minimum (FS/FTM)

Fire safety is the state of protection of people, property, society, and the state from fires. This definition echoes those for any type of safety: “The state of protection of any object from any type of hazard.”

Civil Defense – a nationwide set of measures conducted in peacetime and wartime, aimed at preventing and eliminating emergencies of natural and man-made origin and their consequences. This includes organizing and conducting civil defense, providing emergency medical and psychological assistance to the population in emergency situations, as well as activities related to fire and industrial safety, and the formation, storage, and use of state material reserves.

The definition is approved by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Civil Defense” dated April 11, 2014, No. 188-V, Article 1.

Training courses for organizations’ employees and the general public on fire safety measures:

• Fire-Technical Minimum course with time off from work.
• Fire-Technical Minimum course without time off from work.
• Fire Safety Briefing.

Educational Program:
Fire-Technical Minimum for Managers, Individuals Responsible for Fire Safety, and Workers of Various Categories at Explosion and Fire Hazard Facilities:

Understanding and compliance with fire safety regulations.Identification and proper use of fire safety equipment.Emergency response procedures in the event of a fire.Measures to prevent fires and reduce fire risks.Fire safety in different types of facilities.